About us

The cinema that we defend are films whose very existence are motivated by a strong point of view, and the desire to reach out and touch an audience.

Founded in 2009 in Brussels by Anton Iffland Stettner and Eva Kuperman, Stenola Productions has built a filmography of fiction and documentary films by supporting rising young authors through the process of development, production and distribution. The films completed to date have all been financed and co-produced with an eye to co-production and international distribution.
With this wealth of know-how and ambition, Stenola Productions now supports more experienced directors, focusing on the production of ambitious and original feature films.

As both producers and creative producers, it is our job to support the gifted and sometimes to initiate projects (acquiring screenplays, adapting books or plays, etc…).
Anton Iffland Stettner, Eva Kuperman and the whole of the Stenola team particularly enjoy the spirit of collaboration involved in artistic, production and co-production support.

Anton Iffland Stettner



Eva Kuperman



Quentin Mathot

Production coordinator