Heat Without boarders

A film by Ivan Goldschmidt

Sylvestre lives in a poor, unstable republic in Africa.
Under pressure from his wife, who wants a better future for her family, he is thinking about leaving his country and undertaking the great journey… Fate gives him a helping hand the day his nephew Albert opens his eyes to the “tragic” depression that has struck Europe.
This gives Sylvestre a daring idea that will fulfill his plan to get to Belgium: He will set up an NGO to help the “poor” Belgians get out of the crisis… A few months later, Sylvestre turns up in Brussels at the head of “Heat Without Borders”, the first ever African humanitarian mission in Europe.

ProductionStenola Productions
In development
Full-length film
Colors, 90 min


ScriptIvan Goldschmidt
Jean-Luc Pening, Jean-Luc Goossens
DirectorIvan Goldschmidt