Ennemis Publics

A film by Denis Robert & Yves Lespagnard

How to fight against a phenomenon unanimously condemned which, far from curbing, spreads? Between Toulouse and Molenbeek, manipulations and indoctrination, reason of state and jihadist unreason, ENNEMIS PUBLICS proposes a disconcerting trip on the planet 'Terro'. Written like a diary, this road-movie is based on the testimony of S-files, convicted of criminal conspiracy for a terrorist company but also journalists, magistrates, lawyers, prison guards, psychologists and investigators. All seek to understand the reasons for this continuing madness and the possible ways out.

ProductionCitizen Films, Stenola Productions
CoproductionFrance Télévision, CNC, SCAM, RTBF
In Production
Colors, 75 min