La Ville-Monde

A film by Antarès Bassis

The inflow of migrants to the north of France has increased considerably since the end of 2015. Against the opinion of the state, the mayor of Grande-Synthe, supported by Doctors Without Borders, has opened a “temporary humanitarian camp” for 2,500 refugees in a locality known as La Linière.
Cyrille Hanappe, a utopian architect, feels that the provisional can sometimes becomes permanent. He believes that this ephemeral construction should be considered as a new neighbourhood of the town, which would open a range of possibilities for both the refugees who settle there and for the inhabitants who welcome them.

What inspiration can be born of a will to change the world when urgency sweeps away all energies?

ProductionLes Films du Balibari (FR), Stenola Productions
CoproductionFrance 3, RTBF (Belgian television), La Cie Cinématographique
Color, 90/52 min


DirectorAntarès Bassis
ProducerEstelle Robin You
CoproducerAnton Iffland Stettner, Eva Kuperman
EditingMarie-Hélène Mora
Frédéric Fichefet