Le passeur de lumière

A film written by Bernard Tirtiaux

The film unfolds at the beginning of the 12th century and recounts the broken and legendary destiny of Nivard de Chassepierre. He was from the region of the Meuse Valley, and was crazy about light. A prodigious glassmaker, after having been a goldsmith, and a key figure alongside the first Templars who were builders, he brought back from the East the secrets of colored glass, which give light and sparkle to the stained glass windows in our cathedrals.

"Le passeur de lumière" is an adaptation of a novel of the same name, which sold 300.000 copies.

ProductionStenola Productions
In development
Full-length film
Couleur, 90 min

"LE PASSEUR DE LUMIERE is a myth, the gesture of a craftsman obsessed by his quest for light, the path of a man who is searching, who uses his hands and molten or transformed matter to express that which overwhelms, enchants or revolts him. “The Light Passer” is the tale of great anger transmuted into light and color. Who has ever filled with golden light the churches dulled by western skies better than the glassmakers of the Middle Ages?
I myself have been a glassmaker for almost fifty years and I have always dreamed of seeing the story of the father of my art on the big screen. Before I wrote my novel, I thought first of the cinema because of the element of light, and because of the close relationship between film and stained glass windows. Both are matter transpierced by light."

Bernard Tirtiaux