Les moches

A film by Véronique Jadin

Lydie, 42, lives for her work as an assistant to the director of a recreation park. Established routines are thrown off-kilter when the park is sold to an Austrian multinational group. Fleur, very pretty but sadly incompetent, is parachuted into the position of director. She sets about an esthetic cleanup of the park and its employees. Lydie, along with a few other downgraded colleagues, founds The Anonymous Uglies. Together, they will reveal their true potential.

SubtitlesDutch, English
ProductionStenola Productions
In development
Full-length film

"The Uglies are the shy, the clumsy, the orphans of fortune and grace, those over whose cradles the fairies did not bend, those who do not know how to go about making a place for themselves, those who lost their gym bag in the bus, those who forgot to slip a snack into their satchel, those who cannot ski, those who pee in their bed when away on a school trip. I’m a bit of an “ugly” myself. Perhaps you are too, if you have ever failed at something, if you think that our society should give everyone a chance, that we can exist without crushing others, that a person is not responsible for his or her handicap or level of intelligence, if you think that not everyone sets out equal in life, and that this ought to be taken into account before judging a CV with scorn."

Véronique Jadin


ScreenplayVéronique Jadin, Anne Fournier