The Isle of the Demoiselle

A film by Micha Wald

It’s 1542. Marguerite de Roberval is a young girl of 18, beautiful and obedient, from a French noble family. She embarks on the boat of her uncle, Jean-François de Roberval, heading for Canada.
Domineering and madly jealous, Roberval throws his niece off the boat and leaves her on a desolate island north of the Saint Laurence River, with her lover and her maid.
The young woman finds herself battling with hostile nature, solitude, threatening natives, madness. She must use all her intelligence and cunning to survive.
She would remain two years on the island.
A film inspired by a true story.

ProductionStenola Productions
supported byFederation Wallonie Bruxelles
Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union
SelectionsRencontre de la coproduction francophone (CANADA)
Berlinale Talents (GERMANY)
In development
Full-length film

“From the first page, I knew that this film was for me. Everything in this story spoke to me.
Page after page, I saw the film unfold in my head.
The Isle of the Demoiselle is at the same time an epic adventure film, a medieval survival, a reflection on religion, a thriller and a huis clos with three characters imprisoned on a hostile island”


“In writing the screenplay for The Isle of the Demoiselle, I want to portray a young woman who has achieved a tour de force: to stay alive on a wild island for almost two years, at a time of ignorance. But behind this feminine Robinson Crusoe hides another motivation: to show the emancipation of a young woman of the 16th century.”



DirectorMicha Wald
ScriptSamuel Malhoure