A film by Benjamin Colaux

At the end of the world, day in, day out, three men take on the southern ocean and its legends. They leave their families and brave the cold and the storms to go and meet the isolated fishermen in the infamous Cape Horn islands.
Some launch themselves into these epic channels through greed, others for love of the sea or family need, but all agree on the importance of carrying forward this endangered traditional livelihood and brotherly sharing.

SubtitlesFrench, English
ProductionStenola Productions
CoproductionLittle Big Story, Associate Directors, Tax
Supported byWIP, RTBF (Belgian television), Centre du cinéma de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, VAF, Arte
In Production




Black and White, 90 min



"AUSTRAL is a film that focuses on confronting oneself by fighting the elements and events at sea. When one’s daily reality is unstable and out of the ordinary, choices are forced on one, fears arise: the fear of a mortal accident, the fear of being the only one left alive, or the fear of facing one’s own anxieties so that one can finally act without remorse or doubt.
Chilean Patagonia is a region that bears the reminiscence of ancestral pain, of a bloody past still present in the veins of its inhabitants, most of whom came to live under the gray sky of Punta Arenas with a dream: that of success. Here, the smell of a curse hangs over the men and women of this last town in the country, which immediately fascinated me because it corresponded so closely to that which I wanted to express."

Benjamin Colaux


Written byBenjamin Colaux
DirectorBenjamin Colaux
PhotographyBenjamin Colaux
SoundLeny Andrieux
Original MusicClaire Goldfarb
Line producerOlan Bowland